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Visit Leiria - Know what you can't miss

Leiria sprouted and grew in the land between the Castle and the River Lis.

A District Capital located in the halfway point between North and South of the country, to the East, and therefore towards the sea, Leiria is a popular tourist destination for so many reasons: rivers, beaches, pine forests, lakes, salt flats, rock shelters, religious and civil architecture, monumental medieval buildings, museums, thermal baths, popular traditions practised in their purest forms, crafts and a very varied, rich culinary tradition.

📸 What to visit?

Casa do Arco ➞ Casa dos Pintores ➞ Rua Barão de Viamonte ➞ Travessa da Tipografia ➞ Rua Latino Coelho ➞ Miradouro da Torre Sineira da Sé Castelo de Leiria ➞ Sé de Leiria ➞ Praça Rodrigues Lobo ➞ Fonte das Três Bicas ➞ Convento de Santo Agostinho ➞ Moinho do Papel

🍴 To delight

Sopa Saloia de Hortaliça

Guisado com Carne de Carneiro Migas die Leira

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