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Activities in Porto

The city of Porto is very popular for its historical monuments and typical restaurants, not to mention the portuguese culture and customs and the warmth of the their people. Tourism is connected to all of this, but we are going to approach a different aspect certainly also very cherished by couples and families with young children.

1. Zoo

For animal lovers, we have two Zoo options: Zoo Santo Inácio, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and Zoo da Maia, in Maia.

The Santo Inácio Zoo, opened since 2000, is located just 10 minutes from Porto and has more than 600 animals of 260 different species. Some of them are endangered, and here the species can reproduce in captivity and are later reintroduced into their natural habitat. In addition to the daily demonstrations such as the flight of birds and the feeding of lions, penguins and otters, it is also possible to organize activities such as birthday parties and field trips. It is also possible to sponsor any of the animals.

For more information on timetables and prices, please see:

2. Sea Life

The second largest Oceanarium in Portugal is in the city of Matosinhos, next to Parque da Cidade, and is called “Sea Life”. With more than 3000 species of animals, it has the first underwater tunnel in the country that allows visitors to see all aquatic animals up close. In addition to the visit, there are free lectures and food demonstrations and an area called SOS Oceanos where they teach the risks that the marine world faces and what we must do to preserve it. At the end of the visit, you can enjoy the menus available at the cafeteria on the terrace which has a privileged view of the Atlantic Ocean. With several types and spaces of activities, it provides an excellent learning moment while the children have fun! Then you can still enjoy a sunbath in the late afternoon on our beaches!

You can purchase your tickets online and consult the schedules through the website:

3. World of Discoveries

After visiting the Palácio da Bolsa, how about going with the little ones to visit World of Discoveries? It is a Theme Park and Interactive Museum that reconstructs the odyssey of Portuguese navigators, who crossed oceans to discover the world. Portugal was, during the time of the discoveries, one of the great protagonists in the oceanic routes, discovering new continents, people and cultures. At the World of Discoveries you will be accompanied by employees, duly dressed in period clothing, during your visit to the permanent exhibitions and entertainment activities. All content is available in six languages and adapted for people with special needs. It is also possible to hold birthday parties, dinners, thematic events and school visits.

You can purchase your tickets online and check the schedules via the website:

4. Escape Room - Banzai

Located in the heart of the city of Porto, Banzai offers different activities, each one more fun and challenging than the previous one! From the Banzai Challenge with a sensory experience to the Banzai Bomb, which, as the name implies, involves deactivating a bomb, in this escape room the fun is always guaranteed! In order to adapt to a new reality, they created the “Game Show” activity where participation is made online. Here it is also possible to plan different activities such as birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and other events that require a different space and activities.

For more information, please consult:

5. Escape Room - Exit Games

For those who prefer a challenge more mysterious and even terrifying, cannot miss the “Exit Games” located at Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes, very close to Livraria Lello. It has three distinct games that meet different tastes: Lost Memories, Port Wine Sabotage and The Sacrifice. Each has an associated story and, to complete the game, you need to be very attentive and be very fast since you have limited time to solve it! An excellent activity for groups of friends of up to 10 people depending on the chosen game. For those who want to keep a good memory, at "Exit Games" you can hold birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, marriage proposals, among others.

All information about each game and prices are available at:

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